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Christmas Decorations - 5 Tips to Keep Your Pet Safe

Each year we see some unusual household pet injuries but it is particularly unfortunate when accidents occur around Christmas time. Here are five simple tips to help keep your pet safe and your Christmas decorations looking pristine.

1. Safe and Secure Christmas Tree

If you have a cat who loves to climb or an adorably clumsy dog who loves running around the house, make sure your Christmas tree is safely secured and cannot easily topple. You can do this with a sturdy stand or by tying the tree to a hook in the wall or ceiling. Additionally, when hanging ornaments, put the most rare and important baubles on top and proceed in descending order to the plastic M&M ornament that came in a cereal box on the bottom. Speaking of decorating the tree…

2. Power Cords

Dazzling lights may be a feature of most houses and Christmas trees during the holiday season, however, cords are best kept neat, tidy and out of sight from pets. If your pet is a chewer, be extra cautious with extension leads as they are wonderfully soft and highly desirable chew objects; especially for bunnies!

3. Sharp Objects and Ornaments

To some pets, a Christmas tree looks like a storage facility for 100 tennis balls of all different shapes and sizes. It's a good idea to inspect your ornaments for sharp objects such as pins and exposed hooks and keep dangerous ones out of our pet’s reach. If your pet does take the opportunity to entertain himself/ herself at least you can reduce the risk of them ingesting anything nasty.

4. Tinsel and Wide Ribbons

Tinsel and large lengths of ribbon can play havoc in the intestines of your pet once digested. Unfortunately, these things can also look like your cat's new favorite ball of string.  Pet’s love shiny, sparkly objects and we strongly recommend staying away from using any tinsel or icicles when choosing decorations for Christmas.

5. Presents

Unopened presents, particularly those with pleasing aromas (like chocolates), can provide hours of enjoyment for a curious pet. If your pet is inquisitive and unsupervised, it might be a good idea to ask Santa to leave any edible presents out on Christmas Eve- and only out of your pet’s reach!

Here at CEDARCREST, we want your pets to have as much fun during the holidays as you do. Taking precautions and keeping an eye on your furry friends can help ensure that everyone has a happy holiday! Please do not hesitate to give us a call at (540) 943-7577 if your pet does get into any mischief during the festivities. Merry Christmas!