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Max-June POTM

Max is a 5 month old adorable hound mix puppy. Like any puppy he is active, lively and wants to spend all of his waking hours playing! Max wasn’t always in such good shape though. We actually met him when he was feeling very rough. Max was first examined at CEDARCREST as a 6 week old puppy with diarrhea. He was diagnosed with roundworms; we prescribed medication and recommended that he return in 2 weeks to start his puppy vaccine series. Max returned 4 weeks later for vomiting and diarrhea, a Parvo test came back positive and Max was hospitalized for fluids, antibiotics, and supportive care.

Max appeared to respond to treatment at first, but continued to vomit any food offered. Radiographs were done and revealed a possible foreign body blocking his gastro-intestinal tract. Exploratory surgery was recommended, but unfortunately Max’s owner was unable to afford surgery, he reluctantly elected to euthanize Max. One of our LVT’s had grown attached to Max while he was being treated here and asked his owner if she could adopt him, pay for his exploratory surgery and provide him with any necessary medical care. The client agreed to sign the puppy over and surgery was scheduled for that day.

During surgery, it was discovered that Max did not have a foreign body but a congenital defect called a Pyloric Stenosis. The junction of the stomach and the small intestine is called the pylorus; Max’s pylorus was much smaller than it should be and food could not pass from his stomach to his small intestine, causing him to vomit everything he ate. A procedure to correct the defect was performed.

Max after Surgery
Max after surgery

Max recovered from surgery, and remained in the hospital for 1 week. He continued to vomit when offered food. Therefore, he was fed a watered down special critical care diet for canines every hour and began to gain weight. Initial attempts at adding solid foods resulted in more vomiting, but he continued to gain weight on the critical care diet and he was becoming more active as well. His new owner began taking him home at night to continue feeding him as often as possible without overtaxing his gastro-intestinal tract.

Two weeks post surgery, Max began keeping down ground canned dog food mixed with water and his critical care formula. His diet was slowly adjusted to add solid foods. He is now 20 weeks old, eating very small pieces of kibble mixed with his canned food and acting very much like a puppy! He now has 3 other dogs and 2 cats to play with and is fitting in very well in his new home!

Max is a very cute puppy with an amazing story. That makes his a perfect Pet of the Month!